All About the Bichon Frise Dog Breed & The Important Things You Need to Know

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Sharda Baker,

Dear Friend,

Hi my name is Sharda Baker and I'm a Bichon owner.

Are you maybe thinking of buying a Bichon, not sure how to go about it, what questions to ask, how to look after and train your little friend?

Maybe you already own one or more Bichons and want to make sure you care for your Bichon Frise properly? Bichons do require special care and once you learn and understand their needs its not that hard to care for a Bichon.

They are worth every bit of effort of course as they will reward you a hundred fold in enjoyment and unwavering companionship.

Don't make the mistakes I did and many others do though and presume a Bichon Frise is cared for the same way as any other dog. They aren't and that mistake could cost you dearly in time, money and heartache.

Maybe you just simply want to have your Bichon trained a bit better. A dog that pees inside, chews everything in sight, "pulls" on a lead, jumps up on guests and barks too much, can take some of the fun out of owning a dog can't it?

And you know a Bichon can easily be trained when you know how!

If some of this describes you and you would like a healthy, happy, well trained Bichon that brings years of enjoyment for you and the family that doesn't end up costing you a small fortune please read on.

I really get frustrated seeing Bichon owners ending up with big disappointments just because they didn't have the right information at hand. There is a better way.

This is what happened to me.

I remember the first Bichon Frise we bought , Shani. She was a pure bred 7 week old female. Her favorite sleeping place used to be in one of my husband's old leather shoes.

I didn't know then what questions to ask the breeder or what to look for when we went shopping for her. To cut a long story short we spent over $2700 on Shani over the first 2 years for 2 knee repairs and countless visits to the vet for on going allergy problems.

If only I had known then what I know today about a Bichon's diet, exercise and general needs we wouldn't have had to fork out all that money. and go through that stress. I guess in a way its a bit like buying a car.

If you don't know what to look for can easily end up with a car that is not really in good condition. Bichons generally are a very healthy, sturdy dog but like any breed have weaknesses to watch out for.

Our second Bichon "Ellie", we bought as a puppy when she was 16 weeks old.

Puppies are so cute at that age aren't they?

We didn't then know how to tell if a puppy has been socialized well or not. Well, we got home with a dog that was real hard work for several months. Ellie was so timid, barked all the time, was very slow learning anything and took a while to take to any visitors.

We leant the hard way again!

But wow how things have changed now!

Our last few Bichons have been absolutely perfect. OK they have been to the vet once or twice for their shots but we've had no major expenses in the last 6 years. We did our homework this time and had spent much of our spare time over the years finding out everything we could about Bichons.

It honestly has taken the worry and expense out of buying, training and caring for our Bichons.

Imagine This For a Minute

Imagine being confident that you are asking the pet owner/breeder the right questions before you hand over your hard earned cash for you new "little friend".

You don't want to end up with anything less than a healthy perfect little Bichon do you?

And when you get home with your puppy, won't it be so nice knowing exactly what you need for your puppy in those first few months rather than "guessing"?

Your role in the first 4 months is absolutely vital in developing a happy healthy Bichon.

Why risk making the mistakes so many other owners are making and paying for!

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If you already own a Bichon Frise I'm sure you want to know the answers to the common training, health, diet, day to day caring and breeding questions owners every day are asking? Questions that if unanswered may end up costing you literally thousands of dollars and can bring so much heartache.

Imagine knowing and mastering the simple training techniques that are unique" to Bichons?

How would it feel having a dog that is a pleasure to have inside the house at all times, that walks well on a lead, that's gentle with children and is really your best friend without costing a you lot of time and money to look after?

You'll be the envy of other dog owners too!

The Good News

I would love to help you have the best possible experience with your Bichon. They have certainly changed my and my family's life for the better!

I want to help prevent you losing hundreds of dollars in health related costs by buying right and just as importantly caring for your Bichon in the best possibly way. The right diet, exercise and care really make all the difference.

A Bichon Frise does NOT have to be expensive to look after once you know what you are doing!

It 's my wish that you become one of the many happy Bichon owners I have helped over the years who are so proud when family or friends drop in and see their Bichon.

Won't it feel great to have your friends and other dog owners marvel at how well trained, healthy and well groomed your Bichon is? There's nothing like seeing the effect a well groomed Bichon has on people is there!

To help make this happen for you and others, I researched and wrote an e-book called "Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Bichon Frise"

In 139 pages I have covered nearly everything to help you have the best possible experience with a Bichon Frise from start to finish. It isn't like any other book you will ever read on the Bichon Frise either.


Well to make sure I really covered everything, before I finished the book I even set up a simple webpage , and people like you visited it and left me their most pressing question on Bichons. Then I answered them! And believe me there were tons of great questions! Some even I had to go along way to find the answers to.

Here's a sneak peak at some of what you'll discover in "Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Bichon Frise"

  • Learn how to choose your new family member. Never choose a Bichon just because "they look cute". It needs careful scrutiny, a lot of thought and a loads of information from the owner of the dog or the breeder you're buying it from. It's worth it though as you will be hopefully then blessed the with years of enjoyment! (Discover clear detailed information on what you need to know)
  • Find out all about the characteristics of the great Bichon family.
  • You will be amazed at what diet your Bichon should be getting and what common foods at home can kill or seriously harm a Bichon! (Everything about a Bichon's dietary needs is clearly explained)
  • Discover why if you're thinking of owning a bichon, you will be first attracted to its gentleness, sensitivity, playfulness and loving nature. Learn all about the temperament of the Bichon and how to ensure you "pick" a Bichon that has these characteristics. (not all do so be careful!)
  • Breed Standards. Both experts and newcomers to the Bichon will find our extensive explanations of the breed interesting and useful.
  • Learn the Bichon Frise origin and history (you will be amazed at how this delightful dog came about). Not many other dog breeds can boast the "international" reputation of the Bichon Frise.

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The report is in several parts and discusses some of the most important things you should know about the Bichon Frise. This includes information on choosing / buying a Bichon, training, grooming and diet.

The free newsletter report is digital, which means it can be sent via email right to your computer in the next few minutes.

Your details are kept strictly confidential and will NEVER be shared with anyone else. You have the option of unsubscribing from the free newsletter report at any time

The Bichon Frise Insider's Guide ebvook includes the following topics;

  • Discover exactly how to care for your Bichon when you first get home. (Remember the first 4 months are the most important in the life of your dog)
  • Know how to groom your Bichon from day one. Many owners use the wrong products which harm their Bichon. (Once learned properly grooming becomes much easier)
  • Learn the importance of socialization of your new puppy. So many owners get in wrong in the first few months and then suffer for years. (vital detailed information provided)
  • Understand Reverse sneezing This often misunderstood minor condition is clearly explained with simple solutions.
  • To give your Bichon the best you can and to get the best from your Bichon, you need to train him/her while they're at a very young age.(extensive proven techniques described in detail)
  • Learn all about toilet training. In depth coverage given to this often misunderstood topic. (If your Bichon is soiling the floor there is a proven training method inside that really works)
  • Understand why your Bichon may bark too much: Perhaps, unknowingly, you trained your Bichon to bark excessively, and now he's got into that habit. (Learn common causes and more importantly how to quickly restore the peace and quiet!)
  • Discover why the number one problem among dogs of all breeds is poor dental care. Bichons are no different (discover how to help prevent tooth loss)
  • Learn how to recognize a good breeder quickly and easily. This could save you plenty of money and heartache later on.
  • Finally understand more about Bichon skin allergy problems. Skin allergies affect many Bichons. (Discover ways to better deal with this).
  • Discover how to overcome fear and aggression in your Bichon.
  • Understand "separation anxiety" and how to manage it best
  • Identify why Bichons require "crate" training: Most owners make this mistake.
  • Learn quick and easy tips that prevent hair "knotting". Saves your expensive grooming costs.
  • Learn how to set up an effective training program
  • Discover how to quickly and easily teach you Bichon to walk on or off a leash in public. This new 10 page training regime has just been added and is full of excellent tips.
  • What to expect at the vet office and how to ask the right questions
  • And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out in "Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Bichon Frise"

Here's what some of my Bichon Frise customers had to say about my ebook package;

"I have very much enjoyed reading your Bichon Frise ebook" ....

Hi Sharda,

I have very much enjoyed reading the Bichon Frise ebook and have been teaching 'Precious' to follow the commands as listed in your book.

She is very good at sitting and now does shake her paw. She comes on the 'come' command, as long as she knows she is getting a treat.

Her housetraining has been fantastic since the first day we brought her home though and sleeping in her crate at night is good too. She loves to sleep on the bed and goes on around 8.30 at night and when I go to bed then I put her in the crate and she doesn't make a fuss about it.

I am still trying to work walking on the leash but it doesn't matter what I do she still wants to pull. We are going South for a couple of months so am hoping to do more training down there with her as we will be doing more walking.

I do keep going back to the ebook and reading all the info to keep her healthy and up on the commands I need to work her on.

She is only 11 months old and has really improved even in the last month or so - she is a much more lovable dog now than she was went she was a puppy.

I have a picture of her at 3 months.


Doreen Hammond
Elora,Ontario, Canada.

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"It is well written and easy to understand".....

Hello Sharda,

I have had Bichons and bred them for approximately 5 years now.

I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about them.

I kept the offer for your ebook package but did not do anything about it and thought it would probably be like my other Bichon books.

But suddenly one day I thought, its not too expensive and I will give it a go.

Glad I did as it is well written and easy to understand. Chapters 11 and 15 in particular taught me many new things.

Chapter 11 is on feeding your Bichon Frise. I thought I was doing well until then, also chapter 15 on health problems was new to me and so good to have on hand.

So if you want a good overall book on our loved Bichons don't wait as long as I did.

Yours sincerely.

Invercargill New Zealand.

"I had NO idea that my lovable pet had needs unlike other dog breeds"....

Hi Sharda,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for taking the time to write, prepare and distribute all of your previous knowledge about the Bichon Frise.

I had NO idea that my lovable pet had needs unlike other dog breeds and without your fun to read information my Bichon "Charli" and I would not have bonded the way that we have.

After reading your tips on being the ALPHA, Charli treats me like a King most of the time. She tries to use her big black eyes and waggling tail but I stay true to the Alpha stature and I believe that she enjoys it.

She is well groomed now and she knows it as she shows off to everyone and I would have never known where to start with her without your help.

I really can't wait to start on the next Bichon that I will have to have.

Thank you.

Charli & I
Bloomington IN.

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"I found chapters full of useful information"....

Thank you Sharda.

In August, my husband accepted a company transfer to China. Even though we looked at it as an exciting adventure, our hearts were heavy at leaving our Bichon, Maddie, in the care of my brother and his family.

We were unsure about many things involved in transporting a pet, mainly quarantine restrictions, the risk to our pet, her ability to adapt to the change, and mostly, the effect it might have on her health. Like many Bichons, Maddie suffers with allergies. Although we tried several approaches in treating her, she continued to exhibit symptoms.

About two and a half months into our stay in China, and on a day that I was especially missing Maddie, I typed "pet travel" into a search box on my computer. One of the references was Sharda Baker's ebook "Insiders Guide to A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Bichon Frise". I scanned through the book and found that it opened many doors for me.

The information provided in "Travel With My Bichon" was the catalyst we needed to have Maddie join us on our adventure. As I delved further into the book, I found chapters full of useful information relating to common Bichon maladies as well as a step by step approach to solving her allergy issues. The section on Behavior problems was of special interest to me as it may help us "undo" the damage done by spoiling our pet.

Sharda also offers great bonuses with purchase of the ebook. Not only have we gained a valuable resource tool, we are fortunate to have established a relationship with a fellow Bichon lover.

Thanks, Sharda, for all of your hard work and for sharing it with us.


Molly Thibodeaux
Tanggu, China

The picture attached is one taken of Maddie with us on our wedding day!

"I was able to gain practical and realistic tips from your ebook"....

Dear Sharda.

I take pleasure in making some brief comments on the advice and tips you have on Bichons in your Bichon Frise package.
When Billie arrived he was a little rascal, my biggest frustration was the crying at night and the nipping whilst he was teething.

I was at my wits end with him and thought I was doing it all wrong.

It was so refreshing to read that this was not uncommon behavior from Bichons. I was able to gain practical and realistic tips from your ebook and other bonuses.
Billie is now 18 weeks old and is an absolute star, he is a pleasure to have and gone are the sleepless nights.

Thank you very much for your help.

I will certainly be recommending you to friends and family. Please find attached a photo of Billie.

Many thanks.

Sarah Whittingham
Leicestershire, England.

"It really has helped my in my re-training of my special Buddy"....

Hello Sharda,

I was basically at my wits end trying to re-housetrain my little Buddy. I found you link on a dog website stating what they don't tell you about Bichon's.

It really has helped my in my re-training of my special Buddy. The short stories you email me are truly an inspiration.

It is funny how they know when we are not well. I did not have a good pic of my and Buddy so I cropped two together, it is attached.

Thanks for all you hard work in researching this special breed of companion dog.

Gallatin, TN. USA.

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"This way within two weeks I had her toilet trained"....

Dear Sharda,

I did enjoy reading your book. I have had three Bichon's over the past many years now and my latest little darling is called Pebbles.

She is very outgoing, friendly, lively and clever and has a mind of her own (just like her mum). It is amazing how different all three have been.

I did find the section on Reverse Sneezing very interesting as all three have done this at some time and it has worried me even though I instinctively have done the correct thing.

I got Pebbles at 11 weeks and from the moment I brought her home she has not had an accident inside.

It did take a lot of effort on my part as I took her outside each time she had a feed or water and praised her when she had finished.

I did this even during the night as she slept with me and I didn't want her to wet the bed. (Yes I know this is not to be encouraged but I do love her sleeping with me).

This way within two weeks I had her toilet trained and going through the doggie door. This is also what I did with my other two and did not have a problem with them.

Pebbles is now 20 months old and in the picture she is about 20 weeks old.

Kind regards,

Maggie James
Bendigo, Vic. Australia

"I really appreciated the Bichon e-book package"....

I really appreciated the Bichon e-book package Sharda.

I know that Fluffy Marie did too because I found out why she was constantly licking and chewing at her feet, also rubbing her face on the floor like she was trying to wipe something off.

Your book mentioned allergies to several products. When we eliminated those things from her diet her feet no longer look raw and sore from the constant licking and biting and she is no longer rubbing her face on the floor.

Many thanks!

Both Mike & I enjoy your bonus articles as well.

Katie Waters
South Greenfield, Missouri.

"I love getting the regular updates as they give tips on"....

Hello Sharda,

As a new owner of a bichon frise puppy things can rather confusing. The book made understanding the particular traits of the bichon much easier.

I love getting the regular updates as they give tips on raising our beautiful puppy chloe. It is nice to receive the free updates as part of my book purchase. Part of a total package.

Sorry I don't have a photo.


Kim McKenna
address withheld

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"You took the stress out of being a Bichon owner"....

Dear Sharda,

My new Bichon was quite a handle full when I first received him as a gift. I had no idea what to do and especially the right things.

I always loved "Mishu" but after reading your book I totally knew what to do, did them and am very happy now.

You took the stress out of being a Bichon owner!

Thanks for everything.

Christina Allaer
Ojai, California

"I am thrilled with your ebook and the other bonuses"....

Thank you Sharda,

I am thrilled with your ebook and the other bonuses. They are really clear and easily understood.

My Bichon is 10 weeks old and I want to do things right this time after having no idea how to train a dog when we got our other mixed breed 16 years ago.

We made so many mistakes then that I do not intend to repeat.


Dorothy Pascoe
New Zealand

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"Thank you for the insightful and helpful information"....

Hi Sharda,

My name is Lily and I am 5 months old - I was 4 months when this picture was taken.

I would like to thank you for the insightful and helpful information you have been sending.

I almost have my Momma trained and wrapped around my little paw!

She can be a handful at times but she is mine and I love her.

Thanks again.

Margaret Paraham
(Lily's Mum)

"I have enjoyed your ebooks and newsletters" ...

Dear Sharda,

Just a line or two to say how much I have enjoyed your e books and newsletters.

Being very new to dog ownership, even though I am 60 years old, I was very lost at the beginning but with your help I found it so much easier.

My two Bichons, Penny and Taz are now 13 months old and although not perfect in every way they are a joy to be around.

Sorry I am unable to forward a photo but not having a camera makes it impossible.

Many thanks again and looking forward to more of your newsletters, help and tips.

Kindest regards,

Chesterfield, UK

"I now feel more at ease after learning so much about a Bichon Frise"....

Dear Sharda,

Here is a picture of myself and Cupcake, in Pensacola, Florida, for your use with your e-book.

I had never owned a Bichon Frise and had many questions and was so grateful when I found your e-book and short online courses.

I now feel more at ease after learning so much about a Bichon Frise. I am in the process or training her with all the wonderful helps you published.

Thank you so very much.

Billie Alexis
Pensacola, Florida. USA.

"With your help, I have managed to teach Mattie not to bark and jump up on everyone"...

I got your ebook and bonuses Sharda and love them! In fact the day after we got it was the last day we had to clean up the house. No more potty accidents!

Also with your help, I have managed to teach Mattie not to bark and jump up on everyone when friends come over.

Thanks for the surprise bonus you sent.

Sandy Morena
Ca, USA.

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"Thank you for the helpful advice"....

Hi Sharda,

I am writing to say thank you for the helpful advice contained in your e-book and audio package.

I have enjoyed reading them and I have a much better idea on how to respond to my little dog.

I live on Macleay Island which is in Moreton Bay Queensland, Australia and I don't have access to the training facilities available on the mainland.

Thank you so much for your help.

Gail (surname withheld)
Moreton Bay Queensland. Australia

"You gave me the knowledge to go out there and" ...

Hello Sharda,

I didn't have a clue what questions to ask the pet shop or dog breeder before I read your book. You gave me the knowledge to go out there and make sure I was getting a healthy well adjusted Bichon. I bought Sally just over 3 weeks ago and she's just perfect! Bye.

Barbara Fleming
New York. USA.

"We found many insights we wish we knew when we first purchased Tiki"....

We have enjoyed Sharda's E-Book very much even though we have yet to take full advantage of all of her package.

We were hesitant at first to accept her ebook package as we expected a typical book.

We took the package given the full money back guarantee, downloaded it (much easier than we expected) printed it, placed the books into notebooks - and have a 3rd to hold her e-mail updates.

We found many insights we wish we knew when we first purchased Tiki.

Best of all, her package is a dynamic, periodic source of information; her weekly newsletters are very educational and/or heartwarming.

Briefly, Sharda's package is very worthwhile.

Our Best,

Ralph & Shirley
Getzville. NY.

P.S. I have attached a picture of 'Tike'.

"I have found the ebook & bonuses very interesting"....

Hi Sharda,

I have found the e book & bonuses very interesting and am still studying the information.

I am waiting for my first Bichon, he was recently born and am waiting to go and choose which male I will have.

I will then be able to put in to practice your advice with training etc and have a well behaved dog.

I am so excited.


North Wales U.K

"But What about all these other questions?"

You'll get the answers to these and many more "in your face" questions:.

  • "I have always wondered about the orangy coloring around my Bichon's ears. Is this normal?"
  • "What papers should I be given when I buy a Bichon?"
  • "I had a friend with a lovely Bichon. She told me they can have knee problems. Is this true?"
  • "My son is 5 years old. Is he too young to care for a Bichon?"
  • "My Bichon snorts and chokes often while also sneezing, what causes this and is it normal?
  • "My Bichon "pees" at every tree when we are out walking, how can I teach him to stop it"?
  • "Should I breed my Bichon, how do I go about it"?
So, how much better would you feel knowing all the answers to these questions and more? Wouldn't you have a much better chance of owning a Bichon that was well behaved , healthy and a integral part of your family.

That's why you should own this book today (in fact, you can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!). Don't you owe it to yourself, your family, and your dog?

Click Here To Order Safely And Get Your Copy Now

What's a resource like this worth?

To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you around $600. This isn't some boiler-plate collection of answers as you can probably see by now.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it's dead-easy to read and understand. And it's logically laid out in great detail.

There are other resources out there retailing for up to $49.00

Which is why is such a bargain at only $31.77

That's right, a fraction of what it's really worth and what it cost me to research. Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low.

This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be reading it and discovering all these amazing secrets in as little as 5 minutes from now. Ain't that a hoot!

No matter what however, it's a bargain for you. And yes, I plan on raising the price from $31.77 to $47.77 very soon. Once I get a few more testimonials from satisfied customers, the price will increase. So you'll want to be quick if you want to save some bucks.

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$31.77 is not much to pay for this must have information on the Bichon Frise!

And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.


That's about as fair as it gets, don't you agree?

But I tell you what I'll also do to make this the best investment you ever make. I'm going to throw in some free bonuses which will help you even more..

So if you grab your copy of "Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Bichon Frise" right now, here's what I'll throw in.

Yes Sharda, I would like to get

"The Bichon Frise Insider's Guide"

for just $76.37 $31.77

I understand I'll receive instant access to the "Bichon Frise Insider's Guide" ebook and audio program PLUS the bonuses.

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This free ebooklet explains the causes and management of Bichon Frise allergies.

It includes the 6 common symptoms of dog allergies, the 3 types of allergies, and the prevention and management of dog allergies.

Also included is 15 helpful hints for controlling allergies in your Bichon.


FREE BONUS #2 Potty Training Made Fast and Easy. ebooklet.

Potty Training is the number issue with most dog owners somewhere in their lives as a dog owner. This recently completed ebooklet clearly outlines the current proven potty training techniques. It is covers the new pup as well as the adult dog that may have come from a shelter or from a home where potty training was not completed.

It is written in a simple , fun easy to follow format that really works fast! (Value $7.95)

FREE BONUS #3 "Dog Training Secrets Revealed" - Audio.

This 53 minute audio is an interview with a well renown professional dog trainer who "has seen it all".

In this high quality recorded audio you will hear how a professional Australian dog trainer manages the day to day dog behavior problems many dog owners have had to deal with. Basil will answer a long list of dog training questions I had put especially put together.

You will discover his proven methods of managing the disobedient dog, how to quickly control the dog that barks too much, potty training in as little as 24 hrs, step by step obedience training, and much much more.

The audio is 53 minutes long.


FREE BONUS #4 Healthy Homemade Dog Meal Recipes -ebooklet.

Why not spoil your Bichon Frise occasionally with these healthy, easy to make healthy homemade dog meals. You will have a friend for life!

(VALUE $5.95)

The above FREE bonuses each worth every cent of their stated value. But , they're yours FREE. Congratulations!

Why Am I Giving Away So Many Genuine FREE Bonuses?

Well, there are 2 reasons I am offering such a large number of genuine quality free bonuses.

Firstly, I wish to over exceed your expectations and provide the best resources I can for you.

It make sense really because with my 100% no questions asked refund policy, you can have a full 100% refund for up to 60 days, so I want you to love my package and tell other how helpful it was to you. Otherwise you can return it right back to me for your full refund.

Secondly, digital products do not require postage which means you get more even value or your money.

But I don't know how long I'll can keep these bonuses up there. So if you want them, I suggest you get in quick.

Wishing you great success with your Bichon Frise.


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For the next few days, I am including for FREE, 4 Bonus resources for your Bichon Frise valued. That's over $48 of FREE bonuses just for trying my Bichon Frise ebook and audio package. All for only $31.77.

See above for more details.

Thank you for visiting.